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Hey! I'm Logan Trudell, ex-registered nurse and full time location independent. Here to help you craft the life of your dreams and ultimately unlock financial, location, and time freedom.

I'm STOKED to meet you!

I have so much to share with you, including where to start on your journey, how to become independent of the need of an employer,  how easy it is to move abroad, and so much more.

Join my FREE "Quit Your 9-5 Starter Guide" to get a jumpstart on crafting your dream life through our free and paid resources.

See you in the Vault. 

Available Resources

The Energized RN Video Course

The Energized RN video course is for nurses who are ready to take full control and responsibility for their mental and physical health. 

This program is a one of a kind video course providing exclusive information and accountability to help you reach your goals and become a better, stronger you. 

This program is worth 10x the value of the asking price. We are offering it at this price to help healthcare professionals during these crazy times.

The Lost Breath: Relearn the Lost Secrets of Breathing

The Lost Breath video course will improve your energy, your mental state, and your overall mood. 

This program was designed for high achievers that want to take care of their body and reap the rewards from doing so. 

After implementing the tools in this video course you will feel: Empowered, energized, healthier, more abundant, and so much more. 

Quit Your 9-5 Starter Guide

The Quit your 9-5 Starter Guide is the premium resource hub to help you kickstart your journey to location, financial, & time freedom.

This was designed for those of you who have an idea of what you want out of life but no idea where to begin. 

Its exactly what I wish I had when I first moved abroad and began my journey as a freelancer/entrepreneur. 

Lets get this party started!

The Bye Bye Burnout Program

The Bye-Bye Burnout program is for nurses who want to improve their self-care strategies, develop a better relationship with themselves, and connect with like-minded healthcare professionals, worldwide.

This program is a one of a kind video course with weekly coaching calls and a community to support you.

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